We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

To reach us during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, excluding holidays, please use the following procedure:

1 Telephone (408) 226-3300 or email helpdesk@gocompass.com to reach Customer Service. Customer Service representatives are equipped with the information necessary to address most emergencies, routine matters, or questions regarding your association.
2 State your name, Association name, address and telephone numbers (in case a return call is required).
3 If you are reporting a maintenance problem, please describe the problem and the unit number closest to the problem.
4 Our Customer Service Representative will dispatch the proper person to remedy the situation. A variety of contractors have been approved in advance for work at your association. Contractors are issued a written work authorization that must be signed and returned to Compass Management Group upon completion of the work in order to generate payment.
5 If you need to speak with your Association Manager, Customer Service will direct your call.
6 If you have an emergency resulting in property damage that requires immediate attention, please advise Customer Service and it will be addressed immediately.

After Hours Emergencies

To call Compass Management Group after normal business hours with an emergency service request, please use the following procedure:

1 In the event of an after-hours emergency regarding an Association issue/item, or to report any emergency situation resulting in property damage, such as a roof or pipe leak, please dial (408) 226-3300 and push “2” to access the emergency call center.
2 In the event of an emergency causing property damage, the On-Call Manager will be contacted via the emergency call center. A Compass Management employee will generally return your call in less than 30 minutes. If the item is not an emergency, it will be addressed the next business day. In the event of a life or safety emergency you should always call 9-1-1 first.

Prefer to Communicate Via Email? Send Us One Here!

Please be sure to include your property address in your email.