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Compass Management Group, Inc.

Compass Management Group, Inc. has been providing quality management for homeowners associations (HOA’s) and common interest developments (CID’s) since our founding in 1997. It is our mission to be the highest quality management service provider in the business. We achieve this goal through our founding principles of Communication, Partnership, Innovation and Commitment.

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Association operations rarely follow a straight line. Managing homeowner associations and common interest developments is a constantly evolving and dynamic process.

Association requirements change. Deadlines get moved. New legislation requires prompt compliance action. Meeting these challenges takes more than excellent association management capabilities. It demands extraordinary communication skills.

At Compass Management Group, we believe that effective communication starts by being a good listener. From our very first meeting, we listen and respond. Our objective is to truly be the “Compass” for the association – guiding the board and directing the association to help achieve operational goals and requirements.

Apart from the routine communication channels available during business hours, after-hours emergencies are normally handled directly by the manager assigned to your association. Company procedures ensure that a knowledgeable and qualified person from our organization will always be available in the event of any emergency. Our emergency service is available 24 hours per day, every day.

In addition, we consistently utilize state-of-the-art communications technology. including a proprietary customized database linked to our website, to speed the flow of information among all interested parties.

Change may be unavoidable. But outstanding communication can eliminate the problems resulting from change.


Many companies talk about serving customers. This conjures up images of attentive waiters standing tableside taking orders.

At Compass Management Group, we strive to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, so we can see things from your perspective. By functioning as a team, a partnership, we can do more than just respond to your needs. We can anticipate them and remedy potential problems before they arise.

Our experienced association managers work closely with the Board of Directors to help operate your association and properties – offering suggestions, devising creative solutions, adding value wherever we can. We are dedicated and relentless problem solvers.

An important component of our partnership approach is the close relationship we’ve developed with other professionals for the benefit of our client associations. As a managing agent, our success and services depend heavily on the quality and performance of general contractors, landscape maintenance contractors, insurance agents, attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and other specialists, hired by the associations, who work with us. Every Compass association is managed so that these professionals can give you their very best.Working together, anticipating your needs, seeing everything through your eyes from the initial management transition to each annual membership meeting – this is what distinguishes Compass Management Group from all the rest.


Solid association management experience is the foundation of Compass Management Group, and innovation is our founding principle.

When homeowner associations and common interest developments first started appearing in the early 1960’s, management functions focused primarily on bookkeeping and routine maintenance services. But in this new millennium the ever increasing complexity of managing association business to ensure compliance with constantly changing legislation requires the use of computer technology for accurate information management.

Compass was formed based on the recognition that the basic word processing and clerical technologies of twenty years ago are not sufficient to satisfy the management requirements of today’s common interest developments. We’ve created a series of software tools to provide efficient and effective management of information for our client associations. Our programs and computer network track all forms of unit owner contact, from telephone calls and routine service requests to violation letters and architectural control approvals. This database is linked to web servers and the Compass website to provide the most comprehensive, real time documents and data available to owners and board members through the internet.

We also provide choices for associations. In addition to monthly billing of assessments, we offer cost-effective solutions such as delivery of statements by email and electronic fund transfers.

Although technology plays a central role in our business, experience and judgment remain essential for successful association management. By relying on our many years of experience to interpret and use the information our systems provide, we’re able to guide your association with the most efficient and effective management possible.


Every time we sign an agreement, we make a commitment. A commitment to provide the quality management and service your association expects and deserves.

Compass Management Group fosters continuing education for our association managers and conducts frequent performance evaluations. Managers are encouraged to obtain the PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) credential, the highest designation available in the industry. Such education complements the foundation of experience necessary to address the diverse issues commonplace in association management.

For example, the practical experience acquired through years of hands-on management helps us guide associations to adopt and use proven methods and policies to attain operating objectives. This is particularly true in rules adoption and enforcement.

The knowledge we gain from continuing education and years of practical experience pays lasting dividends for our client associations.

Most importantly, every Compass employee makes a personal commitment to quality standards that are a cut above the norm. Our commitment to quality begins at the top and carries down through every level of the company.

Compass Management Group, Inc., is a superior and innovative blend of experience and new ideas. We have the energy and vision to provide the guidance and direction your association requires today and in the future.